Swollen Ankles And Rash On Lower Legs: Causes and Treatment

The swollen ankles and rash on lower legs may be symptoms of serious ailments. If you aren’t comfortable to see your doctor, you have to know the best causes of them at least. In other words, you have to read and notice this article because we have wrapped everything related to them below.


This is the closest ailment in regard to swollen ankles and rash on lower legs. For your information, Oedema occurs when the fluid are gathered beyond the blood vessels. We believe that you will easily notice Oedema when you see your ankles and legs. But, it is also able to appear in other locations of your body.

This condition may represent fluid overload of your body. Most experts also correlate it with the increased body weight. Please differentiate Oedema and subcutaneous fat.

Oedema can be noticed when you give some pressure to your skin. If there is fluid, you will notice an indent. Anyway, there are many causes that may lead you to have Oedema.


The swollen ankles and rash on lower legs can be caused by many things. One of them may come from a simple injury. You will feel pain and bruising over the body. Some redness in the areas is also available.

For your information, the oedema will be more painful if it consists of redness and bruising at the same time. The most common injury that may be harmful and swelling is an ankle sprain. As we can see, an ankle sprain is far away from the area of the injury. We can apply some ice and elevating the limb in order to reduce the pain.

Oedema can also be caused by the surgery. Basically, it comes up when you prolong the periods of the rest. You will feel the pain on the affected area as well as the tenderness, redness, and firmness of the calf.

This condition really needs a medical attention from a doctor because life-threatening disease like pulmonary embolus may occur when a clot is able to go to your lung.

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swollen ankles and rash on lower legs

Another cause of swollen ankles and rash on lower legs is caused by an infected bite or cut. The red skin with a slight pimple may appear on the cut area. To treat this pain, you need the antibiotics as soon as possible in order to reduce the irritation and swelling. The steroid cream is also necessary for the cut.

Last but not least the swelling of both legs will lead you into one more serious disease. It is about the heart failure. This ailment will trigger fluid retention as well as the ankle swelling. This is an initial sign of the disease.


To end up this first segment, we will see how to treat swollen ankles problem. Please find some medications like anti-inflammatory painkillers, hormonal medication, antidepressants, and heart medications to, at least, reduce the swelling.


This is the second ailment in regard to the rash on lower legs. It refers to the rash things on the legs. Experts call it as intertrigo. The most common areas infected by rash are buttock crease, groin, neck, arm pit, and under the breasts. It is commonly affecting overweight people who have complications like diabetes, and always sweating.

When the rash or intertrigo appear, you’ll see red and inflamed spots on your leg. You will feel itchy, stinging or burning as well.

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The most causes of intertrigo are thrush, erythrasma, and tinea causes. The first one usually occurs with itchy and wet feeling. The second one may cause your skin has brownish patches, while the last one is related to a fungal infection.


The same treatment is necessary. But you have to add anti-fungal cream to reduce the itchy feeling. That’s all thing you need to know about swollen ankles and rash on lower legs today.